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  1. J

    X 16 XEL Engine problems

    Hi, my mk3 with a X 16 XEL engine started spluttering and running rough like someone had flicked a switch on the way home from work on Sunday. Fearing the worst I pulled over and checked it over it. No oil in the water, no mayo on the oil cap, nothing tapping so drove it steadily home. Took it...
  2. tombutcher

    flame red 1.6 Duo

    right then, thought it was about time i started one of these bad boys! a little history first. i've owned the car since november last year, but before that it was my brother's. he got it from my mum about 2 years before. she'd owned it for 3 or 4 years, and she got it from my grandad. he...
  3. Andy_Mk3

    Figz's Astra Duo Project

    Ok here we go folks! Here's my diary for my first car. Astra Mk3 1.6 8v Duo I picked it up on Monday 22nd December for £350. There's hardly any rust on it and it really is a solid car, very good buy as far as I'm concerned :) It's got just over 127k on the clock, so just run-in nicely :P My...
  4. Andy_Mk3

    I've finally got myself a mk3

    Yes, at last and after the dissapointment on Saturday, my dad saw a mk3 parked up somewhere for sale. So tonight I went for a look, and bought it there and then :) So the first pics of when I got it back home.. (continued on next page cos of damn limit) So it's a 1.6 8v...