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  1. TomVauxhall

    Phase 2 gsi parts

    ** CAR IS NOT BREAKING. ONLY THE PARTS THAT ARE LISTED FOR SALE*** Astra gsi phase 2 irmscher spoiler in white with 3rd brakelight Small split at the top where it meets the roof. Hardly noticeable and easily fixed. £45 spoiler and bare bootlid with glass ( bootlid will need work as it has...
  2. Claire

    Ph2 GSi Spoiler, GSi Grille + a few bits leftover from the autojumble

    Firstly, I'm thinking about selling my Ph2 GSi spoiler. One of the bottom corners was broken off when the person removing it from its original car had problems due to the ph2s being bonded on. As you can see from the pictures it has been solidly fixed and you can't tell that its been broken. I'm...
  3. Aber-Astra

    theres some real idiots out there

    my GSi spoiler finally got delivered this afternoon, and on inspection it appears the person that had it before was a complete numpty.. the bracket still has all of its mounting points, but the prat has cut off EVERY point on the spoiler that its supposed to be screwed on at, and it appears...