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5 door

  1. Atlantis

    MK3 Roof Rack Removal

    hi i have an astra mk3 5 door, when i bought it the roof rack was already installed on the roof (genuine vauxhall) i have a key to the roof rack but when i insert the key it doesnt seem to turn nor left nor right. last case scenario the key that came with it may be the wrong key. i really want...
  2. danh

    Astra 1.4 SPI - the first car (56K heavy-ish)

    seeing as im bored and work has begun on the astra i thought it was time to start a diary for it. Its not going to be to great atm due to insurance and all that at 17 but never mind. 1.4 SPi M reg '94 spectral blue with silver bottom half. 78K for the grand total of under 700 notes A...
  3. johnnyboy

    johnnyboys 'fornia

    Johnnyboy's california as i'm doing more and more to my car now i thought i should start a progress thread this is my astra which i got for free its a california in spectral blue [the best colour imo] got some new wheels and clear indys etc. just to clean it up a bit...
  4. Jaspa

    jaspaz 5door!!!

    ok well i thought i best stop being lazy and make a lil diary thing, this is my 3rd mk3 n im stil only 17 lol (dont ask!) but yea shes a 1.6ls 5door in flame red....... not a bad buy, 12 monthas tax,12months MOT and 12months warrenty lol virtually mint bodywork and near-perfect nik...
  5. Astra_Kelly

    My 5dr XE Project

    just got this today. alex (astra alex) went and got it today. big thank you to astra ben for taking him down to get it. its a 1.4 mpi Ls, its lowered by 35 mm this is how it looked when he picked it up. alex fitted some new bits when he brought it back after a quick...