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astra f

  1. S

    ASTRA F C16SE long time issue with no resolve. Please HELP!!

    Good day everybody. I am at my witts end here and really need some input. From 2017 to 2019, I was driving 3000+ Km's every 2nd month. The very last trip I had to do in 2019 is where this issue started. The car was running fine up to the point where I arrived at my destination, where it was...
  2. A

    Fault ECU codes

    Hi all! I own a 98 Astra F hatchback with the 1.4 16v ecotec engine. I use the car only during vacation times, once or maybe twice in a year. There was an occassional check engine light and I tried to figure out faulty codes using the paper clip method. It turned back 4 codes: 1530, 0230, 0340...
  3. KingSlayerBess

    Shock absorber advice

    My shock absorbers are in bad shape i can feel that i changed them at 2013. I found back kit GM OEM but i cant find frontGM OEM Can i change back OEM front AfterMarket or go full AfterMarket and which brands are comfy i know its and old car and there are no such options. Car is Astra F Saloon 1.4
  4. Atlantis

    MK3 Stereo Radio Problem

    hi guys so I have a mk3 astra with its original grundig sc 303 cassette player. I have my sony n5100bt which I want to put in the astra, for some odd reason the sony does not seem to work. I was fighting with this problem a couple days now I got so angry I literally cut the car's connectors and...