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  1. ollyb

    C20let engine

    Looking for a c20let engine
  2. Adam355

    Aftermarket c20let nortech inlet manifold WANTED

    WANTED Aftermarket c20let nortech inlet manifold WANTED
  3. Fleety

    Hey guys

    Just wanted to say hi was a member on here years ago and thought id rejoined. I live in Snowdonia and owned a few mk3 over the years ( mostly gsi ) and currently own a 1994 white gsi with a LET in it. Anyone else from rownd my end?
  4. TomVauxhall

    Phase 2 gsi to phase 1 gsi c20let

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member but I've always read the forums and owned astra's. Recently started a new project so I thought I'd make a build diary... I'll get some pictures up asap
  5. wispa18

    big knock top end!!

    hi all.. on my c20let i have a big knocking noise its like a single but fairly hard sound from the top end somewhere, i checked the timing, checked cams, lifters (5 were moving so replaced with spare 1s i had now all solid) was running ok before this happend.. also had spark plugs out this...
  6. MK3MAD


    I have the following bits for sale, C20let ECU (PJ) with Phase 2 superchips (old school non copies/genuine) £140 C20let wiring loom, mint condition with no cuts, to fit dizzy type engine, £120 Amal valve, perfect working order C20let air box, all ready modified to fit mk3 astra perfect...
  7. MK3MAD


    Hi all, just wondering if theres anyone stripping any c20lets cheapish or free bees lol. let me know what you got, interested......:nod:
  8. hougtimo

    Youtube c20let saloon

    just came accross this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y38Nz-J3GPM
  9. TomF

    My GSi project

    Well here we go this is going to be the start of a new project for me after going as far as I can with my old mk2 GTE. Not planning on going too far bodywork wise with this GSi, just some subtle but necessary mods. Engine wise the ecotec will be replaced with something with a bit more go, the...
  10. Alex

    BMW with a C20LET about 700ps

    See here, still runs the Motronic 2.7 management as well :o http://www.vmax.de/html/frame-haupt.html Click News and it's the top link. Damn frames pages :lol:
  11. Alex

    Vacuum Hose

    What internal diameter do i need for my LET as want to replace the mis-mash of hose there at the moment
  12. rc

    Ronnies c20let gsi :)

    Hello there! now i've got my newly aquired mk3 i fort i'd set up a owners diary to keep everyone updated on my progress! i'm not planning no major changes, all the things i want are there, just tidying really! getting it slightly closer to perfection i guess you could call it!:laugh: here...
  13. Alex

    Alex's Gold LET Astra

    This is how i bought my astra, this was taken at PV last year This is how it looks at the moment. This was taken at the MK3OC rolling road day I have got a Reiger Front and rear bumper to go on, the wheels are being refurbed and sprayed soon, bonnet is being sprayed, i am gettin...
  14. C

    Progress of My GSI

    Progress of My GSI to C20 LET Power The first post is also posted in "Your rides" I am gonna do this backwards, as the Car I am told has had £1000`s of pounds spent on it with Dynatec in Reading ATM I just know that the car has lowered suspension, Drilled rear disks, an OMP strut brace...