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  1. A

    Fault ECU codes

    Hi all! I own a 98 Astra F hatchback with the 1.4 16v ecotec engine. I use the car only during vacation times, once or maybe twice in a year. There was an occassional check engine light and I tried to figure out faulty codes using the paper clip method. It turned back 4 codes: 1530, 0230, 0340...
  2. JerryS

    X16XEL Engine Warning Light EML MOT fail.

    Just dropped the car off for it's MOT. As I always do I mentioned the EML was stuck on and not to worry - it's got a Fuel Pump Relay Voltage code I gave up trying to cure years ago. This year however I've been told the rules have changed - it's a fail and needs to be fixed. They said they'll see...
  3. 534N

    engine management light

    can any 1 PLZ PLZ help me every journy i make this light comes on, i have had it diagnosted by a vauxhall specialist and nothing came up. plz help me as it is drivin me up the wall